Episode 9 – The World Hunger Shindig


"Sean Harrison, the English teen idol - ain't he cute?"

“Sean Harrison, the English teen idol – ain’t he cute?” “Woo-ee”

Finally, an episode where I don’t have to re-cap from a cliffhanger ending! The writers must have been getting as bored with that as I have.

So this time we’re in Houston, Texas, where everyone has stereotypical, cowboy, Texas accents. Even the helicopter pilot who is flying JATH to Houston says ‘Wooo-ee’ (maybe that’s like saying “yee-haw” when you’re piloting a plane or helicopter instead of riding a horse?). Oh and the whoops and cheers of the Texan party goers have been ‘Texafied’ just in case you were in any doubt of where it’s set.

A ‘World Hunger Shindig’ to raise $8 million dollars in a week is being organized in the Astrodome stadium in Houston and this is the launch party thrown by Miss Sally on her ranch. Also at this thing is Sean Harrison, some kind of English teen idol singer. They have Texan accents down on this show (I mean, I think so anyway, but I’m neither from Texas nor have visited Texas) but UK accents really trip them up.

Last episode it seemed like Kimber had got together with Jeff, the stunt guy on the movie. But we all know from Jem/Jerrica/Rio that characters on this show are very fickle when it comes to relationships. So Kimber has forgotten all about Jeff already and is all about Sean.

episode9_misfits&eric_2The Misfits turn up uninvited with Eric, and offer to play the gig as well. They’re completely clueless that as it’s for charity, they should be playing for free. Stormer questions what he’s getting out of the deal and he’s really touchy about it, yelling: “NOTHING! Nothing but contacts and for publicity for you ingrates”. Eric’s chief hired thug Zipper is around too. But now instead of being a ginger, he’s dyed his hair black. As usual, Eric asks him to sabotage JATH. I don’t know why Zipper even has to ask at this point why he’s there.

Jerrica wants to spend time with Rio, but he’s clearly so over her and wants to hang out with Jem instead.

episode9_flashfloodThe girls all go out with Sean and C.B. Dodd, a Texan oil billionaire, riding horses and going swimming. Sean and C.B. Dodd have to leave to sort something out (this must have seemed soooo fancy in the 80’s, cos the Texan billionaire has a huge mobile phone!) and leaves the girls alone. Zipper and his mate ambush the girls and force them to go into the ravine. Jerrica is able to get Synergy to help them out of their fix, by projecting storm clouds and a flash flood. Excellent! At last there’s a moment where Rio or some other dude doesn’t come in to rescue them.

After they’ve escaped from Zipper the girls go on a hayride where Kimber is waiting for Sean to show up. Sean is with The Misfits and they take him to a bar where they say Kimber is waiting for him. It seems that Pizzazz and him had some kind of fling about a year ago, but he’s now a changed man, and has a new mellower personality that Pizzazz finds “sickening”. They leave the bar and as Pizzazz is laying into Sean about his attitude, she almost crashes into the hayride with Jerrica and the girls.

Once they realise there are no fatalities, The Misfits see the funnier side of the near crash. Kimber is devastated that Sean could be hanging out with anyone other than her – even though she’s got her own boyfriend anyway.

episode9_zipper_counterfeitticketsOn the day of the concert all sorts of things are happening: Zipper sells counterfeit tickets so Eric can pocket the cash; Sean explains to Kimber that he was tricked by Pizzazz; and Jem, Ajah and Shana are shown to their ‘dressing room’ which is instead a prison cell (complete with sliding eye window for the jailer to see if the girls are still in the room).

They use Synergy to make it appear as if they’re still there and sneak through the air con vents. While they do that, they hear Eric talking with Zipper, and see Eric place the money that he’s made from counterfeit tickets in the air con vent. Eric leaves the room, and Zipper sneaks back in, intent on stealing the money from the air con vent. Synergy projects a cobra sitting on top of the briefcase to scare him away and the girls get out.

episode9_concertstageJATH take the money, and are chased by Zipper to a ledge high above the concert stage just as they’re due to be on stage anyway – they abseil down using a net full of balloons just in time to prevent the nasty Misfits from getting on the stage.

Seriously, after the snooze-fest of endless cliff-hangars, I think this was the best Jem episode I’ve reviewed so far. Check out the next episode coming up, Adventure in China!

Songs in Episode 9:

  • We can make a difference – JATH
  • Gimme, Gimme, Gimme – The Misfits
  • Share a little bit of yourself – JATH