Episode 8 – Starbright Part 3: Rising Star


episode8_jeff_kimberLast episode, Roxy tried to seriously maim Kimber by setting off a pyrotechnic display while she was filming a scene. Jeff, the stunt guy, races in to rescue her. This is sort of setting a worrying trend in the Jem series. Even though there are so many female characters with their own identities, if ever one of them is in mortal danger, it takes a man to come in and rescue them. It’s only Episode 8 though, so hopefully that’ll change later on. My memory is quite patchy, but I think there are some later episodes where Jem and the Holograms help out The Misfits.

Jem tries to get Roxy to admit to screwing with the pyrotechnics, but of course Roxy is not going to admit to attempted endangerment of life, or whatever the charge would be. So Jem quits, and everyone else quits too. Except for this gossipy make up lady who insists everyone is making a big mistake.

But now they don’t have money for Ba-Nee’s eye operation. Well, we all know how big-hearted movie studios can be, so they offer to work for free just to pull off the Jem movie.

Clash goes to find her cousin Video to find out about the movie Jem is now making. Clash actually seems quite pleased to report back Video’s message to The Misfits that “Jem and the Holograms are going to make you look like the phony trash you are”.

The new and improved (but still annoying as hell) Clash

The new and improved (but still annoying as hell) Clash

The Misfits then get the gossipy make up lady to make over Clash to look completely different, so that she’ll be able to cause trouble on the set of the Jem movie. She manages to just waltz in by using the excuse that she’s a “friend of a friend of Jem’s”. If only that worked, then I’d probably just wander over to the next movie Chris Pine shoots. Meanwhile, on the shooting of their own movie, things are going predictably badly for the Misfits. Nick Mann quits, followed by gossipy make up lady, the costume designer and the set dresser.

episode8_clashGossipy make up lady goes to see Jem and admits she listened to horrid gossip from Pizzazz instead of making her owns judgments. While she’s there, she sees Clash, who has been secretly stealing things from the set. Jem and the Holograms chase Clash and the car full of stolen stuff in the roadster and use Synergy to create the illusion of a fallen tree in the road to make Clash stop.

As Jem is no longer of the set of Eric’s movie, they can now go public about the accident that occurred on set. Safety officials visit the set of the Misfits movie and shut down production. Pizzazz’s dad goes berserk at the amount of money lost and puts Howard Sands back in charge of the studio. Ok, now all that needs to happen so that everything is right in the world is Ba-Nee’s eye operation has to be successful, Nick Mann needs to get his comeuppance, the Jem movie has to be successful, and the Misfits movie has to fail miserably. Hmm, does everything go smoothly? Also, do bears shit in the wood and is the Pope catholic?


  • People Who Care – Jem and the Holograms
  • Welcome to the Jungle (sadly not a G ‘n R cover, that could have been amazing!) The Misfits

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Episode 2 – Disaster

Quick recap – At the end of Episode 1, Eric Raymond sent a henchman to go and put the frighteners on Jerrica, which startles Kimber into dropping an oil lamp, and Starlight House is burnt to the ground.

But wait! Also last episode, there was the convenient mention of a contest to see which band could win a studio contract and a mansion, and Jerrica announces that there’s a house “just waiting for us”. Uhh, isn’t she a little over confident, I mean, how have the group managed to find time to come up with songs, and to practice playing together? Do you really just launch into it like that?

So anyway, they decide to go to the movie producers house an just put on a concert on his front lawn, at what seems to be about 8am in the morning. Yes, solid plan.

the misfits jem and the holograms episode 2Pizzazz and the Misfits come over to ogle the damage to the house – wow, real nice – and also to have some fun tailgating the Holograms in their van. It’s often fun to watch Pizzazz being an unrepentant bitch. When Stormer announces “they’ve seen us!” Pizzaz is all like, “Good, I could use some action”. Haha!

Luckily though, Jerrica has her new secret weapon – Synergy – who can throw the Misfits off their trail. Synergy disguises them as a big trash bin, but the Misfits spot Rio and start following him instead. They follow him to Mr Sands house where Jem and the Holograms launch into “Like a Dream”. Not one of my favourite songs, but it’s ok.

Afterwards they ask Mr Sands if they can use the mansion until the contest has been decided, and he takes pity on them. But the Misfits are just itching for a punch up. Pizzazz pushes Mr Sands into the pool, Roxy hops onto a bulldozer that just happens to be lying around, and then loses control of it, sending it heading straight for Jerrica. Rio swoops in and saves Jerrica.

Instead of cancelling the contest because the Misfits are clearly deranged, Mr Sands tells Jerrica that she and the girls can live there, but IF the Misfits win the competition, they’re out! At least Eric Raymond has the good sense to tell Pizzazz and the gang that they need to stop acting like complete dicks. But hold on, Eric then hires his goon to try and blow up the mansion. Talk about pots and kettles.

Mr Sands has some French or European countess or whatever also wander over to the house and invite the band to her yacht party. The Misfits try to get themselves invited but of course get snubbed.

Romance time! The girls meet Lin-Z Pierce, host of a popular music show who introduces the group to Anthony Julian, a video director. He’s black, and it really seems like he gets paired up with Shana, because of course, if there’s a single, hetero man and woman of the same race on a TV show, obviously they’ll get together.

jem and rio episode 2

Jerrica, what the hell are you doing?

Ok, now it starts getting weird. When Rio says he wishes Jerrica were there, Jerrica (as Jem) starts coming on to Rio, and asking if he likes her. In fact, as far as I know, it is never really explained why Jerrica has to keep it a secret that she’s Jem at all. Is Jerrica using her Jem identity to test if Rio is faithful or not? What’s going to happen if the public find out she’s Jem? Who gives a shit?

yacht party jem and the holograms episode 2


The Misfits just can’t deal with rejection, and so crash the party anyway, which gives them the perfect pretense to launch into the song ‘Makin’ Mischief’. They wander into the bridge of the yacht where Roxy goads Pizzazz into driving the boat. Naturally, Pizzazz can’t drive for shit, which means another cliffhanger ending as the yacht goes on a collision course for an oil tanker….

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