Episode 7 – Starbright Part 2: Colliding Stars



Jerrica, Joanie and the girls at Starlight Music

I really look forward to when I can write a post that doesn’t recap from a cliffhanger last episode.

Jerrica/Jem finally lost her shit with Eric Raymond and the Misfits on the set of the movie – which was probably likely to be Truly Shite instead of Truly Outrageous. I mean has a movie featuring a band as themselves ever been good? Yes, you know I’m thinking of Spiceworld: The Movie. Which ok, no, I didn’t actually see, but 20 seconds of it convinced me I didn’t need to put myself through the whole thing.

But then Jerrica found out that Ba-Nee, one of the Starlight House foster girls, needed an eye operation because at the rate she is going, she’ll be blind. Luckily there’s a highly experimental laser surgery option – costing $250,000.


“Jerrica, I want at least 2 grams of coke this time. Also, I want that hooker’s body cleared out of my room ASAP. K thanks.”

The girls remember that they have Starlight Music but when they visit the building, everything has been stripped out by debt collectors. Joanie, the one member of staff left, has a really weird accent that I’m thinking is supposed to be Irish, but doesn’t quite come off as authentic.

Let’s pause for a second. Even though Jerrica actually owned half of Starlight Music in the first place, she seemed content to let Eric do whatever he pleased with it while she dressed up in costumes and had band practice and whatever else; and even though she hates Eric Raymond and doesn’t trust him at all, she didn’t monitor what he was doing, when actually, she should have been all over that.

Jerrica realizes that she has to go grovelling back to Eric to finish the movie in order to raise the money needed. But Eric throws in a sneaky catch that forces Jerrica to also act as his assistant, so we know we are going to be truly outrageously entertained seeing how Jerrica can act as Jem in the movie and also be herself and get Eric coffee, or pills, or whatever silly demands he makes.

jem_fall_starbrightpart2Eric tells Jem she has to pay for her own stunt double, so she decides to do the stunts herself. When she’s running across some log that’s supposed to be stretched over a ravine, it breaks in half. Yes, breaks in half. The movie set is that that fragile. Rio swings in on some fake vines to save the day, and when Jem comments he’s a “real-life swashbuckler” he says “only for you, Jem”. I threw up a little in my mouth while watching this.

Video was recording the near-accident the whole time and Clash and the Misfits realize that the movie could be in big trouble. You have to hand it to Jem though, she wants the movie to go ahead so she can get the money for Ba-Nee.

videovivianmontgomery_starbrightpart2Meanwhile, Kimber wakes up to the fact that Nick Mann is a complete douche. She has to film a motorbike scene with him and sees him be super rude to an impressionable, young teenage fan. So instead she goes to flirt with Jeff Wright, the stunt guy. Roxy also likes the stunt guy so to pay him back for ignoring her in favour of Kimber, she messes with the pyrotechnics display as Kimber is filming, which is borderline psychotic. Kimber screams at Nick to help her, but in true douche fashion he runs off to save himself. Cliffhanger time!

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