Episode 5 – Battle of the Bands


An early example of computer rage

In the last episode, a private detective that Eric had hired to stalk Jerrica and the girls discovered Synergy, and was so freaked out, he started smashing her up with a nearby chair. I thought private detectives were supposed to be hardened tough guys. How about pulling it together, moustache! Synergy sends a distress signal to Jerrica and the girls return to find that clever Synergy was just projecting a hologram to make it seem as it the detective had smashed her up.

The detective reports back to Eric along with pictures of Synergy and comes to the conclusion that Jem and Jerrica are the same person. See, it’s so easy to figure out! Although he doesn’t seem to know what Synergy is or does, and in any case, Eric dismisses his suggestion.

ashleyandmisfitsAfter she found out that the Misfits were complete A*holes to her, Ashley goes to throw the money they gave her back in their faces. Eric then finds out who she is and decides to kidnap her. Actually, it doesn’t seem like she’s really being kidnapped, she’s never really tied up or threatened or anything, but I guess showing a child in restraints would kind of alienate your target 8-12 year old audience (and their parents). Eric calls Jerrica and tells her that they have Ashley and that if they want to see her again, Jem and the others must go to the Starlight Drive In.

jerricaashleyIt’s also the day of the Battle of the Bands, where The Misfits and Jem are set to compete and the Misfits are already at the venue with Eric, and Ashley. Ooh around about here we see a lingering shot of some sort of box crusher… I’ll give you three guesses as to how that features later on in the plot.

ashleyboxEric tells the Misfits to ‘take care of’ Ashley. I’m pretty sure he means just watch her, and not take care of her in a Mafia style way, but then he did kidnap her and also have a bomb planted at Starlight House so I guess anything goes. Pizzazz and Roxy then chase Ashley around the room and place her in an open box that is lying around to hold her while they are performing. After she kind of bonded with Ashley last episode, Stormer feels bad about this, but she doesn’t have the balls to stand up to Roxy and Pizzazz and I guess she figures Ashley will be ok for half an hour or so.

Jem and the other girls go to the drive in, where Eric and his henchmen are waiting to capture them.

At the Battle of the Bands, Eric totally rubs it in Rio’s face that Jem might not be there in time. That’s when the box carrying Ashley goes past them on its way to the crusher. Rio grabs the box just in time to rescue Ashley, and she tells him where to find Jem and the Holograms.

Jem uses Synergy to project various holograms to confuse the captors and escape.


Zap! Pow!

They make it back to the Battle of the Bands and perform ‘Music is Magic’. There’s a really high note at the end which Britta Phillips (the singing voice of Jem) just about pulls off. Of course Jem and the Holograms win, and now they have back Starlight Music and also the mansion and the movie contract. Jerrica and Rio go to Starlight Music and find Eric still creeping around, claiming he’s picking up personal possessions. Then as he leaves he slaps Jerrica. What’s with this show and casual assault? I mean, I know cartoons often have violence in them but they’re usually so overdone and often of the back of characters chasing or fighting each other (i.e. X-Men or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

Despite casual violence, kidnapping, and possibly death-by-crusher, this was actually one of the most boring episodes to review and summarize. It’s also the first not to feature some sort of cliffhanger than means you have to watch the next one, so my guess is the writers were getting a little bit tired of doing those at this point. Don’t worry though – the next episode returns to full on craziness and guaranteed cliffhangers for at least 3 more episodes!

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