Episode 4 – Frame Up


Rio & jem and the holograms episode 4

Last episode, Lin-Z’s studio was on fire and Jem was about to be crushed by flaming studio lights. Even though the show they’re on looks like a low-budget music chat show, they have cranes that can carry cameras and studio staff around so Rio uses this to rescue Jem. Jem is so overwhelmed by this drama she needs to be taken to Lin-Z’s dressing room by Rio, where they end up kissing and are interrupted by Aja. Even Jerrica herself knows how ridiculous this is getting, saying “Rio is very proud. How can I tell him the truth without making him feel I’ve made a fool of him?” Hey girl, fyi – a healthy relationship doesn’t include lying to your boyfriend and then putting off telling him the truth for months.

the misfits jem and the holograms episode 4A concert promoter from Las Vegas books JATH to play a show. When they find out that the Misfits are the openers, they’re slightly worried, but then laugh their asses off about it! The Misfits are predictably enraged and plan to use Ashley to prevent JATH from playing, so that they can play the whole show instead. They fly Ashley to Las Vegas with them and get Ashley to catch Aja’s attention. Aja chases Ashley into the hold of a bus and the Misfits help Ashley escape, while locking Aja in.

Aja escapes the bus though and makes it back in time for the performance.

Pizzazz is pissed OFF at Ashley for no reason whatsoever. She and Roxy openly bitch about her as Ashley eavesdrops, and Stormer weakly tries to defend Ashley. I love Stormer. Not only because she has kick-ass hair and fashion sense, but also because she’s the one member of the Misfits troupe who seems capable of being a decent person. stomer and ashley jem and the holograms episode 4

Eric has another idea to prevent Jem playing. He phones Pizzazz to let her know the police will be searching the casino, and tells her to be sure they search Jem’s room.

Stormer goes for a walk, discovers a terrified Ashley, and promises she won’t hurt her. While they are hiding together from Roxy and Pizzazz, they see Zipper and a few more of Eric’s hired goons rob the casino and plant the cash in Jem’s room.

Ok, so I know this was the 80’s, before high-tech security but still, it is remarkable easy to rob this casino. There’s one door and Zipper puts on some kind of knuckle duster and punches through the chain like he’s friggin’ Chuck Norris.


Very high tech 80’s casino security

The police arrive immediately, the money is found in Jem’s room (in a JEM branded bag, which might as well have also had red herrings plastered all over it) and Jem is arrested! She protests that she was performing and the detective replies “The thieves were men, but you might be their accomplice”. Sorry, what? How does he know they were even men? Would women not be capable of getting through a flimsy chained padlocked door?

Ashley runs up and explains what really happened. When Roxy scoffs that she can’t be more than 12, Ashley bites back “I’m THIRTEEN!” In your FACE, Roxy!

stormer discuise costume jem and the holograms

Stormer in disguise

As if it couldn’t get more ridiculous, Stormer wanders in, dressed as some sort of purple phantom of the opera and using a low, gravelly ‘Batman’ voice, backs up Ashley’s story, but says she has to speak to the detective in private. But instead of telling her that that is not going to happen, he goes along with it! Apparently, she can ‘prove’ it’s not Jem. How exactly? Not a clue. It’s just conveniently wrapped up and Jem is free to go.

Eric suggests a new approach in taking down JATH and suggests that Jem is a stage name. There’s a hilarious bit where he reveals Pizzazz’s real name (Phyllis) and she looks like she’s about to start trashing the room, screeching “Don’t EVER call me that!” Eric hires a private detective to follow JATH to the fashion show they’re about to perform in (because yeah, they’re also models now, despite not really having released any albums or anything so far). The Misfits can’t help themselves from screwing things up, so they go too and set off the sprinklers. How is this helping them exactly? Maybe if they spent a bit more time on their music, and less time acting like Scooby Doo villains, they wouldn’t be such bitter hags.

The private detective follows the band to Synergy’s hideout and – oh NO! – sees them drive the roadster through the hologram wall. The detective goes through the wall and Synergy starts going nuts. In a panic, the detective starts acting just as mental and begins smashing up Synergy with a chair. Cliffhanger time!!

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