Episode 11 – Last Resorts

episode11I was really excited by this title. It seemed like there would finally be some showdown with Rio/Jem/Jerrica or some other sort of high emotion episode, but as soon as I saw the opening shot I knew I was mistaken. It’s set at a ski resort, geddit? What a letdown – and it’s only the first few seconds.

Mr Franklin, the owner of the resort is in mortgage debt to his bank. He’ll lose his lodge and his mountain. Business has been bad since a new resort has opened below his, and there have been some suspicious breakdowns of Mr Franklin’s equipment.

episode11_3JATH run into The Misfits and Clash out on the slopes and engage in a ski/snowmobile chase. Jem corners Pizzazz but then she does nothing except let Pizzazz and then the rest of the Misfits pelt her with snowballs.

A handsome Nordic ski guy, Svensen (or Swensen maybe, the pronunciation is all over the place) comes to save Jem. Unfortunately at this point, Rio also turns up and acts like a jealous dick. Jem says “I thought it was Jerrica you cared about”; Svensen says ” No Leo, you can’t have two girlfriends, and me with none!” So true, both you guys. Svensen swans off, skiing backwards like a smug show off.

episode11_2Jem offers to put on a free concert for the guests who are unhappy at the resort. That’s when they find out that Eric Raymond is the owner of the other resort (betcha didn’t see that coming!). The bank manager and Eric are together trying to plan the downfall of Mr Franklin’s resort. Once they learn that JATH are playing a concert there to bring in more customers, the bank manager puts a plan into action to sabotage it – by fiddling with the ski lift mechanisms.

The next day JATH are on the ski lift when a wheel breaks off and Jem is left hanging onto Shana’s ski pole. Rio goes to try to save Jem, by shimmying along the wire – really not the brightest idea, considering it’s barely holding anyway. Svensen skis off, leaving Rio fuming. Svensen returns with a helicopter, saving Jem, the other girls, and Rio. Rio doesn’t seem all that grateful about it though.


Yep, also don’t know what’s going on with Shana’s lack of a mouth here

JATH and Mr Franklin go to confront Eric. To his credit, even Eric actually seems to think that trying to kill JATH was a step too far. Eric suggests a ski race between JATH and The Misfits. Uhhh… what? Who would agree to such an idiotic proposal? Svensen says he’ll train the girls. Ahhhh now I know why they all want to do it – it’s so we the viewers can be treated to a cheesy 80’s montage workout video!!

Eric and The Misfits have people around the course to help The Misfits cheat their way to winning – Jem goes the wrong way and skis to a dead end, Shana ends up on a piece of ice heading to a waterfall, Kimber is trapped in a hole in the ground – only Aja escapes, though without her skis. Clash bashes her wrist cymbals, setting off an avalanche.

episode11_6When JATH fail to cross the finish line, Rio and Svensen go to investigate. They find Kimber, Aja and Shana but not Jem. Jem has found herself in a cave with a bear. Rio hears Jem screaming beneath the snow and begins to dig her out. Unfortunately though, Synergy isn’t able to help Jem because one earring falls on the ground and the bear is blocked Synergy’s transmission. Yes really. Oooh continuity blooper for nitpickers – after one of the earrings falls of Jem’s ear you clearly see her still wearing two.

Jem is changed back to Jerrica because of the faulty earring and Rio sees a glimpse of Jerrica and is understandably puzzled – like we are all the time by this plot device. Jerrica manages to crawl underneath the bears legs and grab her earring and finally Synergy is able to project a scary hologram onto Rio and scare the bear away.

episode11_7While they are in the cave, they notice that a wall is sparkling and find out the mountain is stuffed with silver. So not only does Mr Franklin get Eric Raymond’s resort, he’s also going to be a jazillionaire. As Kimber would put it – Outrageous!





  • You Gotta Be Fast – The Misfits
  • It’s Workin’ Out/It’s Doin’ Me In – Jem and The Holograms & The Misfits
  • Love Is Here – Jem and the Holograms