Episode 1 – The Beginning


Ha, I only just noticed the scrunchy on her wrist!

To launch the series, we meet Jerrica Benton, aka Jem, and her popstar group the Holograms – Aja (blue hair -guitar player), Shana (purple hair – drummer) and Kimber (red hair – keyboards, also Jerrica’s younger sister). Surrounded by adoring press, she drifts off into dreamy land to tell us how it all began.


Jerrica and Kimber’s father has suddenly passed away, leaving Jerrica looking after a home for foster girls and his music company Starlight Music. But wait, uh oh, Eric Raymond, who judging by his fashion sense has watched Scarface too many times (check out that wide shirt collar!), tells her to suck it when she asks for money to help with supporting the foster home.

Eric Raymond, channelling Scarface aka Tony Montana

Eric Raymond, channelling Scarface aka Tony Montana

No, he has bigger plans – like making Starlight Music the most powerful music company in the country, with help of the bitch parade, uhhh The Misfits, who literally roll up on the weirdest guitar shaped bikes. Frontwoman Pizzazz is the yellow/green haired one, Stormer with the blue hair and Roxy with the white hair.

Pizzazz takes an instant dislike to Jerrica and to show her she means business, launches into song (that probably would scare the bejesus out of someone). Seriously though, ‘Outta My Way’ is the best song of this episode, instantly catchy, and far better than what Jem comes up with in this one.

Nothing screams "badass", more than pink guitar-shaped motorcycles

Nothing screams “badass”, more than pink guitar-shaped motorcycles

Back at Starlight House, Jerrica has a present of pink earrings, and when she puts them on, a ghostly figure called Synergy appears. No one seems even a little freaked out by this, just mildly surprised.

Anyway, it turns out that Jerrica’s dad had been hiding his invention of a hologram machine, along with a car, instruments and other cool stuff – also side note, Synergy shows them a room which is supposed to be full of amazing outfits, but to me they looked like the fugliest things ever!

A wardrobe full of Flash Gordon costume rejects? Thanks Synergy!

A wardrobe full of Flash Gordon costume rejects? Thanks Synergy!

At this point it’s somehow decided that the girls should form a pop group of their own. But there is absolutely NO mention of why Jerrica should be ‘Jem’ and no one but the girls should know she’s really Jerrica. None whatsoever. But this non-existent reasoning then holds up the entire show! You’d think they could have come up with something, seeing as it’s such a crucial detail.

Anyway, so Jem and the Holograms go up against the misfits in a Battle of the Bands (which has been rigged for the Misfits to win) and of course they win, and that prompts Eric to throw down a challenge to see who is the better band, with the winner getting control of Starlight Music, a huge mansion and a studio contract. Jerrica doesn’t stop to think for a minute that this may be a really dumb idea to lose the only asset she really has.

Eric hires someone to ‘scare’ Jerrica to stop Jem competing. Meanwhile, Jerrica’s boyf Rio offers to stay the night – but they need to make it kid friendly, so he says “I could sleep on the sofa”. But Jerrica shuts that down pronto. You know, I’m beginning to realise why Rio is so cranky all the time.

Because the girls of Starlight House are so poor, they need candles and actual old-fashioned oil lanterns to light the place. So the henchman startles Kimber into dropping the lantern, leaving a cliffhanger ending!

Other things:

  • The moral ‘teachable moment’ of the episode when one of the foster girls, Ashley, tries to steal money from the other foster girls who are saving for a new fridge. Actually to be honest, the solution Jerrica comes up with is pretty good, instead of kicking the girl out, she gets everyone else to decide a fair punishment.
  • The name ‘Jem’ is already on the car given by Synergy. So did Jerrica’s dad plan all along for his daughter to be a pop star named Jem? It’s never really mentioned. Considering this episode is supposed to explain how it all began, this bit is pretty lame.

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