Hello and welcome to my site, Truly Outrageous, a blog all about each episode of Jem, and occasionally, some other related stuff. I loved Jem as a child and had a worn out VHS copy, ‘From London to Broadway’ that I would make my family suffer through – particularly my dad, who found it unbelievably cheesy and wondered if this was where it was all going wrong for me.

Apart from that video, I had kind of hazy memories of all the other episodes. Although it was aired in the UK,¬†there are many 80’s kids who look blank-faced when I mention it. I re-discovered them all on Youtube when I was completing my undergrad degree a few years ago, and although they have been taken off there for copyright reasons now, they¬†can be watched again on Kisscartoon.

Hope you enjoy reading through the blog!


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