Episode 14 – The Music Awards: Part 2


chrissy&dannyThis post has been a long time coming, because this episode was seriously boring. But anyway, to recap, Chrissy, Deirdre and Ba-nee had run away from Starlight foster home, and offered their help to the Misfits instead. They were at a Misfits concert and saw another boy climbing the scaffolding to get a better view, so they did the same thing, and Chrissy was about the fall off the scaffolding. Luckily, her bag catches on something and the boy who had also been climbing the scaffolding helps her down. The Starlight girls find out his name is Danny and he’s run away from home too.

mick&dannyMick, the guy who Danny stole his concert ticket from suddenly appears out of nowhere to grab Danny. He wants $50 for the ticket, but Danny doesn’t have any money. The Starlight girls offer their money but Danny tells them it’s his problem. Mick tells Danny he’ll have to earn back the money, and also threatens the girls, telling them that runaways get put in jail, and unless they do as he says he’ll turn them in.

He takes them back to an abandoned school bus (creepy) where his buddy Ramone is, and in conversation with Ramone, it turns out he’s even more of a dick – the concert tickets were stolen by him anyway and he just wants to use the kids to make more money. OK, so usually this show does a good job of presenting people from all different races, and does at least try to give them distinct personalities, but Mick and Ramone as Latino Scarface-wannabes is a little bit stereotype-y. Danny finds out more about the Starlight girls, and when he hears where they’ve run away from he tells them they must be three of the dumbest girls he’s ever met. Ooooh, burn on you girls!

mrsovieskyPizzazz found a neat way to drop Jerrica in shit last episode, reporting her to Child Protection Services and reporting her for mistreatment of the Starlight girls and mentioning that three girls had already run away. CPS worker Mr Soviesky visits Jerrica and the other Starlight girls do some seriously unconvincing lying to cover up the story. My Soviesky gives them until the day of the benefit to prove that the girls are around, or else he’ll recommend Starlight foster home be closed. Sure dude, that’s an effective way to investigate the disappearance and mistreatment of minors.

misfits_techratMeanwhile, the Misfits do some kind of publicity stunt which involves them hand gliding from the roof of their new record company and leaflet bombing people. Pizzazz gives Roxy shit for being afraid of heights. Techrat just throws it out there that Pizzazz has a laser gun that she’s ‘testing’ for him. Even Eric is like “da fuck, why’d you do that, you dumbass?!” Pizzazz uses it to draw a little pencil ‘stache on the poster of Jem on top of the Starlight Music skyscraper, and then damages the sign so much it falls off and through the window of Jerrica’s office. To scare Pizzazz away, Jerrica uses Synergy to projects a hologram of a massive eagle, and I mean massive, like the size of a helicopter. Pizzazz loses control of her hand glide and falls into a pond – ha, noice!

Back to the Starlight girls and Danny. Mick and Ramone tell Danny to go into a store and steal something for them. Chrissy doesn’t want Danny getting into trouble, so she goes to convince him to reconsider. The cops drive by and spot Mick and Ramone – they know already that Mick and Ramone use kids to steal stuff, and go to check out the situation. Mick, Ramone, Danny and the Starlight girls all make a run for it. They run down and alley that is blocked by wooden boxes and a fence, and climb up the boxes to get over.

cop&dannyChrissy, Deirdre and Ba-Nee all make it, but Mick (I don’t know which is which) and Danny are still trying to make it over. One of the cops grabs Danny’s foot which brings the whole pile of wooden boxes tumbling down, onto the cop. Danny is distraught, thinking he may have killed the cop, but he’s fine. The other cop has caught Ramone, and prevents Mick from escaping while his partner recovers, and all is well again in the Jem universe!

At the HotRock Music Awards, some TV presenter with a mic asks Pizzazz if they think they’re going to win and Pizzazz is all “uhh… duh doy biatch!” Even though JATH are out of the running for the Music Awards which means the Misfits are a shoo-in to win (like who else would win? There’s apparently no other bands except the Limp Lizards, and all we know of them is that they suck), Eric still wants JATH’s benefit show to be a disaster. So he gets Techrat to fix the jamming device to use during the benefit. This episode has been such a snooze fest so far, I really hope it works and Synergy tries to laser the whole audience to death. After The Misfits win the award, Pizzazz wants to go to the JATH benefit, so she can shove that award right in Jem’s face like a real winner would do!

danse&dannyDeirdre, Chrissy and Ba-Nee buy lunch for Danny and while they’re chatting about his problems, a waiter who overhears them gives them the number of a helpline to Haven House. After calling and getting the address, they head to Haven House and run into Danse, and she tells them about the benefit with JATH and offers to take them there. At the benefit, Deirdre, Chrissy and Ba-Nee are finally re-united with Jem and tell her they’re sorry, and blah blah whatever, boring.

JATH are about to perform when Techrat uses his jammer. Danny spots Techrat using something suspicious. As he tries to grab it from Techrat, it falls to the ground… and breaks again, meaning the show can go on.

When Pizzazz sees the adoration JATH are getting from the crowd she is dismayed and drops the award to the ground. Because awards are meaningless…. when they aren’t won by Jem and The Holograms, natch.

Up next: Jem and The Holograms love affair with fashion continues in The Rock Fashion Book.


  • You Oughta See The View From Here – The Misfits
  • Runnin’ Like The Wind – JATH
  • Friend Or Stranger – JATH